Dave Wood's professional foray into theatre and performance began in 1988; he stepped bravely into the 'round', a form and structure of theatre which always has a backdrop of people and demands the actor act with their whole bodies.  It has been no turning back (excuse the pun) since; Dave works solely in this way, offering workshops, training and fun with the audience in mind.  

Dave wriggles at Stapleford Library to raise funds for MIND.
In 2007, he began collaborating with percussionist, Vic Scott; mixing spoken, creative language with music.  Typeface (as it has now become) has expanded to include Will Park (guitarist) and Rosemary Sheehan (writer).  It welcomes all members of the community who wish to try out their written work in a fun, celebratory environment. Please contact us for our co-operative fees and a free CD or DVD.

Dave and Rosemary.  Off photo are musicians, Vic Scott and Will Park, also being very Pirate-y.  

Dave Wood mid flow...